IP Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide Systembase have recently added a new downloadable quick start guide to assist owners when setting up a C500 series codec. The guide covers topics such as "connecting to the manager port" and "configuration for steaming over IP. The guide is free to download by clicking on the adjacent icon.

FREE - EasyMon Broadcast Monitoring Tool

EasyMON network ip codec monitor tool
The Codec Network Monitor Tool enables a single browser window to simultaneously display status information of multiple C500xr codecs in a tiled format and allow one click access to each codec for more detailed information. The EasyMon tool simplifies the task of monitoring a large number of codec units and was used extensively during London's New Years Eve Fireworks extravaganza.

EasyMon is available for FREE download from, and is designed to work with all C500xr series codecs running the latest firmware release.


FM Northwave, Hokkaido Japan Upgrade to SystemBase C530ip

MAPLE AUDIO JAPAN FM NorthWave, a prefecture-wide FM radio station, having a total of 5 transmission sites, have upgraded their STL to use the latest C530ip AoIP audio Codec from Systembase.

The original STL had been using NXL256 Codecs for many years. During this time, the data connectivity between the main studio and the transmitter site had been upgraded multiple times. Originally 256kbps fractional T1, then to 128kbps x 2 bonded leased line and finally to a solution that provided TDM transported over a IP which in turn was running across ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode).

Having successfully managed the upgrade of their 3rd generation STL to a ATM based system, FM North Wave selected Maple Audio Technology Corp (MAT) to design and commission a new 4th generation solution using a pure IP infrastructure and Systembase IP audio Codecs.

Mr. Morimoto, Technical Director of FM Northwave, commented “We were strongly recommended to use Systembase IP audio Codecs based on the fact that many European critical transmissions are using Systembase equipment. We trusted MAT’s recommendation, and as MAT did a excellent job designing the IP based STL infrastructure it was quite easy for us to upgrade. It was virtually plug-and-done”

Shotaro Umezawa, a president and IP audio specialist of MAT said “Moving to IP seems so easy on paper, but it isn’t that easy. Knowing what you are doing step-by-step, choosing right network switches and port speed configurations are all vital to making the entire system work reliably 24/7. In the past FM Northwave have had some serious reliability issues with other brands of audio Codecs so it was very important for them to work with a specialist like MAT who could deliver a fully tested system that just works…”

MAT was recently appointed as the Systembase Japanese representative in March 2016 to provide greater exposure of Systembase AoIP Codec products in the Japanese radio and television market. Andrew Steward, managing director of Systembase said “It was important for Systembase to join forces with a IT specialist, like MAT, who has the technical knowledge required to engineer and build reliable, stable, audio links in the Japanese radio and TV station market.”

BT Upgrade with C510ip IP Audio Codecs

BT Media & Broadcast
BT Media & Broadcast, BT Group's international media services enterprise business, has recently expanded their IP Audio capability by purchasing Systembase C510ip audio codecs for installation in their fleet of UHD and HD outside broadcast (OB) trucks. The new codecs will allow BT Media & Broadcast to offer real-time audio delivery over IP networks whilst maintaining backward compatibility with their extensive network of C310xr ISDN audio codecs.
By switching to the Systembase C510ip it is now possible to stream audio and video services through the same IP connection using virtual private networks, VPN's, to allocate a fixed amount of IP bandwidth to each service. In particular, the use of IP technology for delivering audio will reduce reliance on the availability of temporary ISDN installations at OB locations. Additionally, IP offers greater flexibility than ISDN, by allowing dynamic simulcast broadcast of an audio feed to multiple clients from a single IP connection.

Neil Huggins, Head of Occasional Use Services at BT Media & Broadcast has commented;

“BT Media & Broadcast has always been at the cutting edge of service delivery. The deployment of the new Systembase C510ip codecs across our national fleet of OB vehicles will give us the ability to deliver IP comms as well as traditional ISDN comms on all of our outside broadcasts. This upgrade is part of a major refit of the TV outside broadcast network, trucks and infrastructure. We look forward to seeing the benefits of delivering enhanced services to our customers.”

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